Change UNC-path from file to localfile

We have a need to change the way we open network folders and files.

Right now, a link with an UNC-path is handled as file:[UNC_PATH], but we need to change that through the whole XWiki to localfile:[UNC_PATH]

Is this something that can be changed? If so, where do I need to make a change?

Am I right that I need to make a change in the “UNCXHTMLLinkTypeRenderer”?


We don’t provide this kind of refactoring ATM, would be interesting to do at some point.

However you have several solutions:

ok I think I misunderstood you :slight_smile: You want to change the rendering of UNC links.

Yes that’s correct. You can provide a new implementation of that component with a higher priority so that your version is used. See Component Module (

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Thanks, I will try to get this working!

Am I right that the “Component Module” is already installed as a “core extension” as the “XWiki Platform - Component - Script Service”?


Yes it’s already installed as it’s core (but it’s not the one you listed but it doesn’t matter).

See Creating XWiki Components (

We are looking into this, but we are having trouble locating the META-INF/components.txt file.

Do we need to create this file ourselves or is it located somewhere already?

P.s. We are running XWiki in a docker, so that’s another layer of complexity.

EDIT: Seems like we’ll need to use Maven (Creating a XWiki component using Maven)

It seems we misunderstood each other. When I said:

This means coding a new component ie in development mode.

OTOH, you could also use a wiki component to achieve the same result, see (but using java is a better choice).