Changing default syntax --> Twiki/1.0

I’m migrating from TWiki -> XWiki 10.8.1 – if anyone has a good process to do this in bulk, please let me know. The python script I found requires a lot of work, and my searches aren’t turning up much else.

I’ve been trying to enable the Twiki/1.0 syntax to see if pages will display correctly copy-n-pasting the source, but I’m not getting very far.

I updated xwiki.cfg: xwiki.rendering.syntaxes = xwiki/2.1, twiki/1.0, per a note here:

But after restarting the container, I’m still not seeing Twiki/1.0 as an option here:


Am I doing something wrong?


Indeed, you need to install the TWiki Syntax extension in your wiki. We were missing it on so you had to do an advanced search. I’ve now created it (see, so you can simply search for “TWiki” inside the Extension Manager in your XWiki instance.

Thank you!