Changing header color and logo with Flamingo skin/Charcoal theme v8.4.4


New user of xwiki, fantastic product.

I am looking to change some branding on our wiki. I want to add our company logo (instead of the xwiki logo) and change just the color of the very top bar to our company’s color to match.

I am reading this topic:

In an attempt to create a new skin but am not seeing the same global options as described. Maybe I am on the wrong track.

I am looking under Templates as well on my xwiki, and tried to customize the color theme under Presentation and I see a way to change the font colors but not the top bar.

Could someone please point me in the right direction? Many thanks

If you can’t find the right color theme variable and you know a bit of CSS then you can inspect the page HTML to check the structure of the top bar and then use the Advanced text area from the color theme to customize the styling.