Changing home page setting not working

I changed the home page settings in my Xwiki installation, but when I go to the root URL path, it still redirects to the old home page. What could be the possible problem? Thanks!

I’m sure the path is right, because I chose it from the search box

After that, when I visit the root path, it will redirects to:

Which is XWiki’s default home page renamed to XWiki - Home.
Please help, thanks!


How did you do that? Can you show us what you’ve set up?

Could you paste the URL you’re using?

What is the old home page URL?

What search box?

What do you mean by “xwiki’s default home page”? The default home page is Main.WebHome (ie. /…/view/Main/ or /…/view/Main/WEbHome).

WDYM by “1”?

I uploaded a screen, I don’t know why it’s displaying “1”.

I set it in Administration → Wikis → Descriptor → HOME PAGE
The value is: Home.Product design.WebHome
I uploaded a screenshot in the original post, but it’s shown as “2”…

will redirect to this:
which is expected to be:

It’s the HOME PAGE setting’s input box, when I type it gives me suggestions.

By default home page I mean Main.WebHome.

Thank you for the help!

Strange, image uploads should work fine.

ok, so:

Hope it explains things!

There’s a workaround though. Check Loading... (I’m adding the workaround there).