ChatGPT Integration

Hey everyone! I am Azzam Uddin third year student of computer science. I want to contribute as Gsoc 2023 contributer to Xwiki. While going through idea list of xwiki, I found this interesting project and I am looking forward to contribute to ChatGPT Integration project. I also have previously worked with OpenAI Api.
Tell me where to integrate ChatGPT like on home page or tools section.

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Hi, welcome to the XWiki community!

See the project description at XWiki @ Google Summer of Code 2023 - XWiki


I have read all the documentation of chatGPT and openAI api, i also have made a project with openAI api before. You can recommend me for this project for Gsoc 2023.

I want to know about the project in detail , @vmassol could you help me to understand about the project in more detail.

Welcome to xwiki @Azzam1503

the goals can be found on the section that was linked ( ChatGPT Integration to generate/update page content - XWiki )

from what I understand the base goal is for a subject has to be entered into chatgpt (through the xwiki interface) which will then output into XWiki Syntaxes (

As I am understanding the goal is to add a tool on the page edit section which interfaces the chatgpt and from there the user will be able to search for content and copy it from there.
Am I getting right? @Wardenburg @vmassol

I think that is the general idea, yeah! With the challenge being that the output should be in xwiki syntax and that the chatgpt addon/interface be configurable and should work smoothly.

I’m not a mentor or anything though so surely they’ll be in a better position to aid those in the GSOC programme.

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