Choice of library of components

Hello all,

In parallel to the ongoing proposal to abstract our design system, I am currently working on a comparison of existing front-end libraries.

I’ve made an as exhaustive as possible comparison matrix.

I excluded from the final choice frameworks made with the support of a large company as I believe a community is a better sign of long term longevity of project (i.e., Fast, or Spectrum to mention the most popular).
I also excluded Tailwind and Radix (based on tailwind) as we did not had an please development experience with it (to be confirmed by @ludovic).
I also excluded Shoelace and Buefy as they are supported by core teams of one developer, which seems very minimal.


We already have some experience with Vuetify thanks to @ludovic prototype, but not so much with Primevue.

In conclusion, given the large set of components of Primevue, I suggest to give it a try on the prototype before doing a definitive choice.

As usual, please comment if you see something missing, or have any other remark.

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