Choosing an organization name for publishing Cristal on npmjs repository

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For those of you unfamiliar with npm, each npm package is qualified by a simple name (e.g., lodash lodash - npm), or a name qualified by a organization name (e.g., @vitejs/plugin-vue @vitejs/plugin-vue - npm from organization

Sadly, organization names and user names are part of the same namespace. Meaning that it can’t exist a namespace and a user with the same name.
Sadly, a cristal user already exists, and this is the organization name we are currently using.

And, according to my understanding the npm’s dispute resolution page:

This process is not available for dispute requests due to lack of activity related to a specific name.

And the current cristal user definitely have precedence over us and is legitimate to keep their account.

Therefore, if we want to publish our packages publicly on, we need to change our organization name.

I suggest moving from @cristal/${packageName} to @xwikiorg/cristal-${packageName}.

  • it reflects that the developments are made are part of XWiki’s roadmap
  • the cristal package prefix allow for the publication of npm packages for other projects in the future


+0 but any reason for chosing specifically @xwikiorg over @xwiki? I mean, I understand the reason I think, but wouldn’t it be useful to ensure we “protect” @xwiki organization name?

+1 but I think @xwiki would make more sense as it’s more consistent with the github organization (and if XWiki SAS need to publish specific packages, the same as what was done for github could be done for npm)

I would have been -1 to use cristal as the org name anyway as cristal is not an org and I find it much better to have a namespace than just using a simple name without information of its org.

So +1 for xwiki as the org, i.e. @xwiki/${artifactid}

Thanks for you answers.

I think xwikiorg came from a previous discussion, but I can’t find trace of it.
+1 as well for xwiki, the name is available too.

Unless somebody objects, I’ll rename all packages to @xwiki/cristal-${packageName} this afternoon.
Note that with this change, Cristal 0.8 will be the first release with artifacts available on



Done CRISTAL-197: Move the organization name of the packages to xwiki · xwiki-contrib/cristal@f5a7cb7 · GitHub

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