CK Editor issue since upgrade with autosize


Sorry in advance for my poor English.

We’ve upgraded the Xwiki from 13xxx to 14.10 everything went fine except for the WYSIWYG EDITOR. First, the CKEditor didn’t seem to work anymore (keep turning with a “waiting wheel”)… so I’ve decided to uninstall it and re-install it. Now everything is fine except that the CKeditor doesn’t look at the width of the frame. It exceed the width as if the autosize/autowidth doesn’t work anymore.


Isn’t that the in-place edit mode where the toolbar is floating? If that is the case then it’s normal. The issue is that you have too many options on the toolbar. Unless you added those by yourself, I suggest you go to the WYSIWYG Editor administration section and reset the CKEditor configuration. Clearing the browse cache, just in case, may also help.


Thank you for the suggestion. Well, I’ve followed your recommandation and now it’s ok. BUT, with the old version, even if you have a bunch of option, the CKEDITOR auto adjust to the windows and the options goes in a new line (Instead of having only one row of options, it was displayed in two rows). Apparently, the option of the CKEditor has changed and the property has changed… You can have a look here to see the “old” result:
Editing Complete HTML Pages