CKEditor Configuration in Xwiki 14.10.2 LTS

I just upgraded from Xwiki 13.10.10 to the new LTS 14.10.2. As it was stated in the 14.10 Release Notes, I tried to open the CKEditor configuration to remove xwiki-image from the list of disabled plugins.

However I cannot seem to find the CKEditor extension config page in Xwiki 14.10 any more - how to access it?

In the admin settings, the section “Editing → WYSIWYG Editor” only looks as follows (also in Incognito Mode to exclude misbehaviour caused by caching issues):


I can remember that there was a full CKEditor config page in older Xwiki releases, but I’m not able to find it in Xwiki 14.10.2.

Any hints?

@GOhrner hmm this doesn’t look good. I’ve installed a clean 14.10.2 and there’s a problem. As you noticed on your screenshot there are 2 horizontal bars, missing content as is shown at CKEditor Integration (

Could you open a bug on jira please?

Thank you and apologies, we’ll fix it soon and release a 14.10.3 ASAP.

  • CKEDITOR-503 Regression: CKEditor Extension config page does not work at least in Xwiki 14.10.2 LTS

Thanks, this is now fixed in XWiki 15.0-rc-1 & 14.10.3.

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