Ckeditor - how to set to 'classic editor' mode

It’s been …a while since updating my install of xwiki and have finally gotten around to testing out the latest stable version. So far, things seem a-okay, but I’ve noticed the editing of pages with ckeditor has changed a bit with it’s toolbar position floating as I scroll through making changes to pre-existing pages.

If preferred, how do (or can) you switch back to the Classic Editor mode as described here?:

Maybe I missed something obvious, but did not see a toggle or option for it.

Probably you forgot the magic keyboard shortcut g.

Thanks; that hint led me down the right path.

I read up more on simple vs advanced page editing, found this section in the user guide: Page Editing ( and from that the “Configuration option to disable in-place editing” notice in the 12.5 release notes: Configuration option to disable in-place editing ( (my current xwiki install is old).