CKEditor: No Styles after update


we use Xwiki 11.10.2 and had CKEditor 1.39 installed. All worked fine so far.
Now we updated to CKEditor 1.64.6 and now the Styles in CKEditor are gone.
There is no Style in the Styles downdown.

Do you have any suggestions where to look for the reason?


Xwiki v11.x is a little old. You really should consider upgrading to at least v12.x.

That would be my first approach to solving the problem.

[edit] make that v13.x

To be precise, the long term support (LTS) is currently 13.10.9. Download XWiki ( is kept up to date with the latest versions of each supported branches.
It’s advised to try to keep up to date with LTS if you want to have a stable and supported wiki instance.

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