Clicking to edit page during page creation process deletes all page text only if body is not filled

If user click to edit created page while page is already shown in editation the XWIKI shows empty page to fill/create. No warning of deleting content of particular page is present in some cases.

I mean this warning:
The page will reload itself while there is not content body text filled even though there is or isn’t title filled up. Problem is present even if the body is filled with template format text, table or pictures. It just needs some input from particular user doing the activity or just by user at all I guess.

Repro steps:

  1. Have logged user with particular rights to create and have created page
  2. Go to the created page
  3. Click to edit button to edit the page
  4. Be redirected to page editation
  5. Click to edit page again while in editation mode
  6. Page will like reload if there is no content box filled
  7. Blank page is shown to fill/create

Repro rate
all atempts by this description - 100%

Tested on:
Google Chrome 80-81
Windows 7 32bit and 10 64bit

You didn’t mention the version of XWiki you’re using and you also didn’t mention the edit mode you’re using (Wiki, WYSIWYG, Inline Form).

On my side I cannot reproduce on XWiki 12.3. Clicking the Edit button while the page is in edit mode simply reloads the page if there are no unsaved changes, otherwise it asks me for leave confirmation. So I do get the leave confirmation if I have changes and the content is not lost after reload.

Step 5 is not very clear to me:

Can you rephrase or give more details. Thanks.

As a default WYSIWIG editor I have CKEditor:

And version of my XWIKI installation is:

Step five:
If this content box is not filled and you click to the edit button while in editation, the page will reload to the empty one without warning (picture above):