Colaborative Editing behind Reverse Proxy

Hi there,

running xwiki in a vm via port 8080. From external we can use secure https via proxy, all works fine. Now I want to use the collaborative editing feature.
When I access wiki direct via unsecured :8080 Port all works like it should but over proxy not. If I access the website through https Proxy I get the message " We were unable to connect you to the realtime system." I don’t see any blocks on firewall log.

Has anyone a hint for me if I can get it working somehow and where can I point for troubleshooting?


May anyone has an idea if this could work or how to configure it?

You haven’t provided enough information.

If your wiki on port 8080 works, then the problem isn’t xwiki.

If your wiki is inaccessible via your https proxy, but directly accessible via your port 8080 vm, then the problem is your proxy configuration. Debugging an individuals proxy setup is not normally an xwiki problem.

that said, you can search the forums for “reverse proxy” and see what questions and answers come up, or you could give a bit more information on your proxy setup so that if there is someone who has a same or similar configuration, they can provide guidance.

For what it’s worth, I use xwiki behind an https reverse proxy, and I initially had problems getting the configuration correct because of my incorrect configuration, while xwiki on my vm worked just fine.

Good luck.

I’m facing the exact same problem. Have you found a solution and may provide it?

No, when we need colaboration we use it with port 8080, didn’t find a solution… But If somebody has one - would be welcome!

You never provided enough information to solve your problem, even through it is not an xwiki problem, but a proxy problem.