Comment Class: huge history


I was sorting pages of my Wiki by Creation date and I have seen the Comment Class page (I have never worked on) appearing … when I look at the history of this page it contains more than 1,800 versions; Where do they come from?
see [XWiki Comment Class] at

Please note:

  • not sure if these “automatic saved” are linked to or not
  • as far as I can see there are no change done on this page, just a save
  • maybe this kind of “periodic and automatic” saves performed farm wide on pages are the reason why Solr keeps indexing (currently more than 228287 documents pending which leads a document created 5 hours ago in my Wiki to still not be available in Solr search results :sneezing_face:) and regularly causing low MyXwiki respond time.

Looks like a bug in the XWikiComments class initializer which keep thinking it needs to modify something and then don’t. Would be great if you could create a jira issue on with a XAR export of your XWikiComments page so that we try to reproduce and debug why it behave like this.

After looking at the diff it sounds like comments and annotations initializers fighting each other (because they actually update the same class by default and looks like they are not in sync anymore).

I don’t think so, the bug you have seems very specific to this class and could not explain 228287 documents added to the indexing queue.

@xrichard thanks for reporting the issue, I’ll create the jira issue for you and push a fix :wink:

Thanks for your answers.

@atallahade attached the XAR of the XWiki Comment Class of my Wiki if it can help to solve this bug (to bypass the upload limitation of this forum, I renamed the file to *.txt ).

XWiki.XWikiComments.xar.txt (1.8 KB)

Can you please add a link to the Jira issue?

Thanks for trying to help us but we already fixed the issue: Loading...

@tmortagne I don’t understand why the indexer is always running on myxwki, causing new pages of my Wiki to be searchable several hours (or even days) after their last save.

I’m quite convinced: there are automatic page updates (“user activity” on mywiki farm could not explain this behavior). What do you think?

Many thanks for this quick fix :+1:.

I guess that the fix won’t purge the “huge history” of the comment class page … is there any impact to have such a big history for one page?

What I mean is that the XWikiComments issue is not enough to explain alone this size of solr indexer queue.

It’s a problem when manipulating the history but this page being a class it’s not the kind of document on which it happen much.

We fully agree and I’m still wondering what can explain Solr indexer queue on myxwiki?

No idea yet, will definitely need to debug it when I can find some time.

@tmortagne Ok, what’s the best way to be kept informed of your work / findings on this issue (it concerns all wikis hosted on myxwiki farm)?

I guess the best would be to create an issue about this problem on Loading....

Waiting for next xwiki release + deployment on myxwiki to check that Loading... solves this issue.

Confirmed: no more automatic page history creation + bulk delete in page history is working again in Xwiki 10.10.
Many thanks :heart_eyes:!