Comment vs Page Link to a specific Forum Practical Experience

In process of developing a community site where the objective is to develop a non political platform for the way city council can and does make decisions.

For example, on possible policy statement could be: All development permit applications for structures that will increase population by more than 7 people, must receive a positive electronic vote from Taxpayers. This proposed statement is on a unique page “permit” in the wiki.

We seek Taxpayer’s input and suggestions for change in wording or their opinion on the wisdom of the proposed policy.

Currently, we have open comments on this “permit” page. We can/could also create a link on this “permit” page to a specific FORUM subject on this exact topic/issue.

I am inclined to only collect comments on this specific “permit” page because it is focused and the subject matter is immediately above. And have zero experience with Forum benefits and/or limitations.

Possible options:
Comments only
Forum only
Comments+specific Forum


Which option would yield the highest quality of community opinion AND simplicity of modifying the page (by volunteers).?