Configure LDAP Authentificator


I have install the LDAP Authentificator succesfully.

Now i need to configure it.
I understand that i add configure line in xwiki.cfg.

My Xwiki is execute in a container.

I find a xwiki.cfg file in my docker volume :
[root@serv-wiki-dba data]# docker volume inspect xwiki_xwiki-data
“CreatedAt”: “2021-02-04T18:17:19+01:00”,
“Driver”: “local”,
“Labels”: null,
“Mountpoint”: “/var/lib/docker/volumes/xwiki_xwiki-data/_data”,
“Name”: “xwiki_xwiki-data”,
“Options”: null,
“Scope”: “local”
[root@serv-wiki-dba data]# ll /var/lib/docker/volumes/xwiki_xwiki-data/_data/data/xwiki.cfg
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 26150 4 févr. 18:17 /var/lib/docker/volumes/xwiki_xwiki-data/_data/data/xwiki.cfg

Is it in this file where i have to add lines to configure LDAP Authentificator?
Thks for your help,


Hi all,

I have install LDAP Authentificator with Extension Manager and LDAP Application manuall by import XAR file.
After i add this line in xwiki.cfg file located in my docker volume and i restarted container :
#-# LDAP authentication service

But When i go to XWIKI => Administrate => Other => LDAP, i have this message [LDAP service is not available. Please verify your installation.]

Do you know what is wrong?

Thanks for your help,


I think the problem is that i installed “LDAP Application” manually and i didn’t installed dependancy…

I did like that because i don’t find this Extension in Extension Manager in My XWIKI.
I have successfully installed “LDAP Authentificator” with extension manager.

How can i find the extension “LDAP Application” in the Extension Manager in my XWIKI?

Thks for your help,


I think i have resolved the problem [LDAP service is not available. Please verify your installation.].

I go to extension manager ==> installed extension and here i found the “LDAP Extension” is not valid. I clicked on repair and continue and now i no longer have the message.