Confluence 3.2.1 migration

We would like to migrate an old Atlassian Confluence version 3.2.1 to xWiki.
Can the Confluence migrator be used for migrating from this version ?
Is this version compatible with the Pro Macros ?

Thanks a lot !

I migrated a much newer Confluence instance to XWiki, but a quick check online seems to indicate that there have been significant changes to Confluence’s XML storage format since version 3.2.1. With this in mind, I would recommend simply setting up an XWiki instance (possibly in a VM) and just test out the XWiki importer yourself. Before I did my migration, it took me less than half an hour to spin up a quick Ubuntu VM and install XWiki from the repository. From there, I was able to test drive the various features of the migration tool and decide for myself if it was worthwhile to make the change.