Confluence migration and Gliffy/Diagram question

we have been testing and are continuing to test XWiki in order to migrate from Confluence in a few months.

We are now using XWiki v15.8 and looking forward to the v15.10 at the end of the year. My question today is this one:

When we imported a space we could see the Gliffy diagrams have been imported correctly, thanks to the diagrams extension. However we have been unable to insert a diagram image directly in a page in Edition mode (WYSIWYG me thinks). Instead we had to insert it separately, then come back to the edition mode to add it inside the page.

Is that normal? Is there a specific way to do the image inserts?

Which version? Diagram Application ( or ?

It’s no clear to me what you want to do:

  • insert an image in a diagram created with the Diagram Application
  • or insert (include) a diagram created by the Diagram Application in another wiki page
  • or insert an image in a wiki page

directly in a page in Edition mode (WYSIWYG me thinks)

What are you editing? The diagram created with the Diagram Application or another wiki page?

insert it separately

What do you mean by this? You uploaded the image to the wiki page from view mode using the Attachments tab?

then come back to the edition mode to add it inside the page

How exactly did you add it?

Would be good to list the precise steps you did.

Hello mflorea,

The version Diagram Application (Pro) 1.19.

We tested adding an image in a page while editing the page. Yes, I think we had to use the Attachments tab.

I can’t redo the steps to right now because our test period has ended. I’ll have to wait until the necessary bundle of extensions and support are purchased.

I remember adding the image, then saving, then back to edit and add the attachment inside the page.
Maybe there is a tutorial around this part somewhere in the XWiki documentation which I might have missed?

Were you editing a diagram page (i.e. using the diagram editor) or a plain wiki page (using the WYSIWYG content editor)?

In both cases you can upload a new image directly from edit mode:

  • when editing a diagram (so from the diagram editor) the Insert Image dialog has the option to browse your file system to select a local file to upload
  • when editing a plain wiki page (so from the WYSIWYG content editor) the Insert Image modal also has the option to upload a new image

So it’s still not clear to me why you couldn’t upload a new image from edit mode.

Hello mflorea,
This is precisely how it went according to the notes taken:
« When creating a new diagram, the page must be saved, and when clicking on “Create” diagram, a new subpage is created in which the svg and png is attatched.»
and here is the question:
« Is it possible to directly embedd the diagram in the page where it is displayed, instead of creating a sub page?»

Thank you for your information.

PS: this version Diagram Application ( has not appeared as available in the Extension manager.

No, the diagram is always saved as a separate (child) page. What you want is basically a diagram macro that stores the diagram content (XML) inline:

text before

... XML of diagram here ...

text after

The Diagram Application doesn’t provide this ATM.

Yes, because the free version is not recommended (maintained). But you can adjust the search filter in the Extension Manager to include un-recommended extension (be aware of the risk though).


Do you think it could go into a wishlist to be a considered addition in the future?

You should ask this to the company that provides and maintains this extension. I assume you’re talking about Diagram Application (Pro) - XWiki Store, so I’d use the “Contact us” link on the top bar. For the free version there’s no maintainer currently, AFAIK, so no one to implement this.

Hope this helps,

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