Confluence Migration - page index feature, any equivalents?

Just out of curiousity, I’m wondering if xwiki has a feature similar to the Confluence “Page Index” macro.

For those unfamiliar with Confluence, the page index macro builds a dynamic index of all the pages in the wiki with a brief summary. It looks like this:


It’s a useful ovewview of your wiki.

Does anyone know?


The closest I can think of is the “Page Index” you can access from the drawer menu. See

I’m curious to understand the need for this. It looks like something you’d need if you were printing a page, no?

Otherwise, as Thomas said, it seems the Page index fulfills the need and more (since you can search too, sort alphabetically, etc).

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the reply.

As for the need, no real need actually. I just like the look of the “index” style page with a brief excerpt from the page. It’s purely a cosmetic thing.

The page index extension will certainly list all the pages (in fact, I am using it).