Confluence to Xwiki data migration errors

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I’m trying to import data from confluence 4.3.7 zip file to an xwiki instance.
I’m using Filter streams to perform this operation but i got some errors as you can see in the below image.


When it get finished it generates a target file but i don’t see nothing imported.
Is there any problem with compatibilities or i’m doing something wrong?

Herman Maleiane
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Could you share the complete error (the most interesting is generally the lasted “caused by” block for this kind of error).

Hi @tmortagne,

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I have tested again with a small zip (I have exported one space instead of entire spaces), and i get the message Done but i can’t see nothing imported.
Any clue?

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The identifier seems to suggest that you used filter+xml as output filter so that’s not an import (you should select the instance itself as output for that as indicated in

Hi @tmortagne !!

Thank you. It works fine.
One more question.
In the imported space i have pages with children (subpages), but this point was not guarented during the import. Was stored in the same tree. How can i preserve this hiearquichy?

Thanks in advance

Actually it kind of was but in a hierarchy which is not visible by default. You might want to look at