Connecting xwiki instance to another database

I have one instance of xwiki working on one system with database(mysql) named xwiki. From another system I backed up the database, and restored the database on first system with database name: xwikidev. I want my xwiki to use the database xwikidev. I changed the connection string in hibernate.cfg :

<property name="connection.url">jdbc:mysql://localhost/xwikidev?useSSL=false</property>

But still it is taking the old database.
Are there any more configuration files I need to change ?

XWiki is a multi database system and switch to the right one depending on the target wiki everything time you do a request and by default the main wiki database id is “xwiki”. You can change that using the property xwiki.db in xwiki.cfg configuration file.

Thank You.
I changed the xwiki.db property and it worked. Should I change the connection string also to new database name or is it okay if kept unchanged ?

All you need in the hibernate configuration is something that works. The database you indicate in it is only taken into account for the first access to the database and after that XWiki will dynamically force what you indicated in xwiki.db.

okay. Thanks alot :slight_smile: