Consistently show supported language under 'Languages' in drawer menu

Hi XWiki community!

Related to this older Language options post, wondering if there is a way to make the default behaviour be that any supported languages (set up under Global Administration > Localization) appear under Languages in the drawer menu?

Currently, the French language only appears if the user is on a translated page (the majority of our wiki is in English) or if they force the language in the URL (in our case, this means suffixing ?language=fr_CA to the URL). It would be great to have an easy and consistent way to switch to the French interface under Languages, even if the page content is not translated. We’re looking at using this Dynamic Language Switch snippet to display ‘FR’ when the page content is indeed translated.

We’re trying to communicate to our users how they can switch to another language and it seems a bit complicated.


HI! I also miss the plain-old language selector available in ancient XWiki releases! From a XWiki Enterprise 2.4.30451 instance still running, and fully operative, out there:



thanks for the feedback: we are aware about the current limitations with the language features in XWiki. In relation with the language switch you mentioned in particular it’s tracked with Loading....

Now more globally we have Loading... for having a real separation between the interface language and the document language. Sadly this one is never a priority: we always have other stuff which is pushed before in the roadmap. Ideally we’d need someone to sponsor this change.


AFAIK you still have this. it’s just been moved inside the top right drawer menu.

Be sure I always keep in mind this alternative. Thanks for your work and, above all, for working in the Open and build a business at the same time.

But as @Levans said above, only the languages the current page is translated to are available for selection. At least we are skipping some settings! See below the three languages available for the current page translated to Français and Deutsch:


Yes but I’m pretty sure this was the same back in XWiki 2.4, wasn’t it?

Of course you are right @vmassol ! Here the options for a document translated only to Spanish and English:


Thus, the only difference is that now is a bit more “hidden”. I didn’t follow the process of changing this “languages bar” to the drawer, but I miss it. I understand now much better this thread and the relevance of the separation in the interface between the languages available for a document and those for the UI.

Thanks for the context. I can appreciate that the roadmap always has a lot of stops!