Content Organization after import from foswiki

We have a new XWiki installation for testing and I want to import from an existing Foswiki site. The current Foswiki has 100s of webs and these each contain 1000s of pages. Users only want to see references to their webs and Wiki pages - this is to help navigation and for data security.

I see that XWiki no longer supports spaces which would be the equivalent of webs.
So how is the best way to organize a similar setup in XWiki?


XWiki still support spaces technically (there is still spaces related APIs for example) but it’s been renamed as “Page” in the UI because you can have sub pages.

Have one top level page for each web and put pages in them.

Thanks for the reply. I see how the pages and nested-pages work.

What concerns me is the organisation of many ‘groupings’ of pages. When a user creates a new page it is generally up to the user where it is created. Say I have top level pages for the groups Alpha, Beta and Gamma how can XWiki be configured to be sure that a group’s members creates the page in the correct place?

Is it possible that a user only sees a list of the top level pages for which he has access?

I am wondering about the pros and cons of having one instance of XWiki with many top level pages against many smaller instances that are aimed at different groups of people.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this