Continues integration with xwiki

Hii frnds…
I am using xwiki 11.3 jetty with hsqldb in windows 7 platform…
And now i would like to work with continues integration with Jenkins with xwiki…
For that i refferd some detials from the following page

And i got some files from the jithub location

So that i installed and configure jenkins on my system in localhost/8081

But now i dont know where to put the above scripts for working with it…(script from the above github repo)

You first need to understand how shared pipeline libraries work in Jenkins.

Can you explain why you want to do this? What’s your need?

i am doing my internship in one of the best organization…my task is to develop a documentation software for their projects… and they currently used a paid Proprietary software for managing their documents… but now they interested in xwiki, because it is open source and flexible…

so for replacing the current software with your esteemed documentation software I need to prove the scripting power of xwiki in front of them….

For that… I would like to show them the following with xwiki

· Continuous Integration (Not Important)

· Jira integration (Important & primary priority)

Now Jira Integration Is the important task for me……I know there is some extension for jira that are already provided by xwiki….But I need to create issues for jira from xwiki pages and need to show them the flexibility of jira with xwiki….

Ok thanks for the details. Can you explain what you mean by “showing … Continuous Integration”?

I still don’t understand why you need to clone for that. Surely they don’t care about which is used internally by xwiki’s development…

Can be achieved with


@vmassol Yes… You are right…. I don’t want to use…. But for the test purpose I need to show them how continuous integration works in Xwiki…so for that I get a piece of code from

And Jenkins is the platform that we used for continues integration… so I think this will be help me for learn continues integration with Xwiki…(I am new to this field and I am sorry if there is any mistakes)

Showing means… the upper level of my organization uses a paid software for documentation…and it is not flexible… because of that I need to show them the power of Xwiki for replacing the current software …(Scripting, flexibility…etc.)

Is this enough for creating new issues from my xwiki page to jira server…?
means…Suppose there is some contents in my wiki page and i can find some problems with that contents (sentences or a word). i need to create that as a issue in jira server…
is there is any snippets for this?