[contrib] New repository request for Rights API

Hello xwiki community,

Together with @arcilli , we’d like to take a shot at a rights API, to try to answer, at least partially, https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-13466 .

See also https://forum.xwiki.org/t/update-the-security-api-to-bring-it-closer-to-a-rights-api-implementation/7753 for a first part of it.

Can we have a repository created for this, on contrib? It’s not sure this will be the final location or anything, but we’d want a place to put our code. No need for a jira project just yet, I would say (we can create that after).
I guess the appropriate name should be api-rights (to follow the naming rule of other modules).



Hi Anca,

Created at https://github.com/xwiki-contrib/api-rights

Re JIRA I’d prefer that you use it since this is a collaborative project (if it were a personal project you’d put it under your github user and not in contrib). You don’t need a lot of JIRA issue, one is enough for the first version where it describes what would be implemented for this first version (you can have several if you prefer ofc). Please make sure you always reference a jira issue in your commits.

I’ve created it at https://jira.xwiki.org/projects/RIGHTSAPI/summary


Thanks, @vmassol !

ok for the Jira, will do!