Could not login as default Admin

Ver 11.10.8, Tomcat 9.43, HSQL and CentOS 7

This morning I could not login as administrator. It is not saying wrong password or other error messages.
LDAP is working i.e. I can login as a AD user.
I restarted the tomcat still dont see any changes.
I enabled superadmin and able to login and even I changed the password of admin user. Still I could not login as administrator.

Tried to reset the password. Got the link and able to reset password. Still I could not login.

Catalina.out shows
2020-09-01 05:45:20,271 [] WARN nticationFailureLoggerListener - Authentication failure with login [adminuser]

Any pointers?

Does this means, the default first user will not be able to login after integrating another authentication (e.g. LDAP)?

Appreciate any help on this topic.

I think the LDAP auth falls back on the XWiki auth by default (maybe there’s a way to make it not fall back and you configured that? I’ve not used the LDAP auth so I don’t know it works very well).

Depends on each authenticator. As indicated (and recommended) on you can tell the LDAP authenticator to try a standard XWiki auth if the LDAP one fails.

Actually it’s not by default as Thomas pointed out, you need to configure it.