Create a JIRA project for a new contrib extension


I am developing a new contrib extension named XWiki Publication Workflow Review Application.
This application is an improvement of the Publication Workflow Application so that the documents published through this extension feature a review date, a notification is sent to the publishers once the review date is reached.

The github repo of the extension is already created :

Can you please create a JIRA project on for this extension ?

Thank you !

both the repo and the jira already exist.

No it’s not. But as discussed with @mouhb on a chat, it was not a good idea to create in the first place. It should be merged with (which is what you mixed with probably) before it’s released, IMO.

So I guess the doc is wrong. I followed the link from and it goes to

Yes, looks like a mistake. Anyway, will be removed when @mouhb has time to do the merging (he is in holidays right now AFAIK).