Create a navbar for a specific section only

Hello, we are using xwiki 12.10.7. At the moment, the navigation bar displays all the sections that we have. I made a separate page on which I want to list all the sections in our wiki (Screen 1). When clicking on a link to a separate section, I want to navigate only through the pages of this section. At the moment, if I go, for example, to the section - Archive of statistical data, then all sections of are displayed in the navigation panel (Screen 2). Please tell me if it is possible to make such a navigation panel so that only pages of the current section are displayed in it - Archive of statistical data (Screen 3)?Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3

The nav panel is used to navigate in the full wiki normally. If you need in-page nav we usually add a TOC macro in the page.

For example:

Would that satisfy your need?

Now, you could create a new panel to display only the nav for the current page too. You can also edit the existing nav panel but then you won’t be able to navigate to other pages with it.

To edit the nav panel, see and you can list all panels in your wiki and edit them at

Hello, thank you for your answer.

The toc macro is not suitable for us, since it displays only the structure of the current page, and what we need is navigation through the child (nested) pages.

We would not like to change the navigation bar as its functionality may be useful.

You wrote that we can create a new panel in which there will be navigation through the child pages of some particular page. When creating a panel, you need to write code, please tell me, maybe you already have a ready-made solution or maybe there is some kind of extension that allows you to navigate through the child pages of a separate section?