Create a wiki for my no profit organisation

Hello, can you create me a wiki for microstart (asbl) thanks, it’s will be private and for all employed to help with it service



Could you provide the information requested on (Register your wiki).

yes, of course.

  • description : the wiki will serve to everye employed in asbl to found aswer to our questions for IT bugs. Also the rules to follow with the software.
  • owner name : Microstart
  • wiki name : to access the wiki.

I can’t find any user on with name Microstart. Have you registered ?

yes, sorry my name is the same like here: dedevdb

You can access your new wiki on

Enjoy !

Hello after few days,i found xwiki difficult to use for my organisation. lot of people ask lot of questions. i will change software for the wiki so you can deleted. sorry for that


Hi @devdevdb could you provide a quick precise feedback to use about the points that were found to be difficult so that we could improve them? That would be a nice thing to do to help the XWiki project (and to give back in exchange for the work we did to setup the xwiki instance for you :))! Thanks a lot