Create dynamic form


XWiki exposes some capabilities to define a page that contains a form. To what extent this forms can be defined within a page, in particular is it possible to define a dynamic form? By dynamic I mean a form, that supports dynamically defined fields, ie. like on the picture below in the bottom-left corner (options field)?

XWiki allows you to output HTML from a wiki page and to load some JavaScript code to modify this HTML on the client side. With this you can make the forms as dynamic as you wish them to be. It’s just a matter of writing the JavaScript code that adds new form fields.

Thanks @mflorea for the reply.

What should be the data representation to let the form data be persisted in appropriate way? What I’m asking is whether it is possible to ie. store an array of data (the picture from the first post would generate an array of Options with values [123, 456]. How to properly store it in XWiki?

You could use a Static List property. Page tags are stored using this type of property for instance.