Create new page from a get


I have found information that you can create a new page by adding a button with a form.

I would like to create something like that with an <a href> and pass a variable

We have custom classes and I want to create a simple function linking a to a classID. For every page of a class we generate an ID.

This ID I want to pass to the template of Class2. Class2 then consists of a selection of document’s in a space as a field and the ClassID witch I want to pass.

I would expect something like <a href="<link to template>?parent=$doc.fullName&ClassID=$myClassID">link</a>

Anyone a suggestion?

With regards

Not sure if it helps but you could check

@vmassol, indeed something like that. But then with a get instead of a post.

I saw my post was not preformattted. I corrected that.