Create page as child page?

Is there no way to create a page a child page of another page? Do I have to create it and then rename it?

Ok, I found a way, using the Children page of the parent.


I’m no sure I understand the question. XWiki supports nested pages but you know that.

Is your question whether it’s possible to have a page having 2 parents? If so the answer is no.


I was asking how to create a Nested page without having to create it and then make it Nested. The way I found to do that is go to the page that shows its children:


Then click the Create button that page.

However, I see I create a link on a page to a page that does not exist, then it will do it as well.

The problem is I had a page that we could not rename or move (we got an error, but the error disappeared so fast, we can’t see what it was), so I deleted that page and recreated it - I was using the old link, which is why it wasn’t being created as nested.

I still don’t understand this. All pages are created as nested pages (unless you’re an advance user and tick the “terminal page” checkbox: ).

That doesn’t make sense to me. When you’re on a page and click Create you’ll always create a page nested under the current page (if the current page is not a terminal page ofc).

Maybe your page was a terminal page and thus it cannot have children?

No, it is not a Terminal page.