Create similar footer like


I’ve just started learn wiki platform
l’d like to create similar footer as

I’ve googled and found the code snippet here

Can someone explains me how to use it ?

  • by editing footer object class ? (and use wich part of code ? how ? )
  • by creating javascript extension or css extension ? (and use wich part of code ? how ?)

by doing this, I will have a good grasp on how to customize xwiki UI
this will be a huge help during my long trip to mastering xwiki platform

Please help me

TBH I tried to check how that footer page is used and couldn’t find where it’s used… :slight_smile:

I checked:

  • A UIX - didn’t find one
  • The skin - doesn’t call that footer page
  • The templates on the filesystem in case they had been modified - couldn’t find a reference to that footer page either

So right now, I don’t know… What you certainly do is customize your skin and overwrite the footer.vm vm with your content. See

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Thanks you so much
that’s in fact a good place to start.
I can even use the code snippet I’ve found.

Hi there, could you actually use this? Did you find the way?