Creating a repository for a Nextcloud application for XWiki and the XWiki extension for Nextcloud

I’ve been working on a XWiki-Nextcloud integration. It is composed of two parts:

  • a Nextcloud application that lets user search on XWiki from Nextcloud
  • a XWiki extension that integrates Nextcloud into XWiki. For now, it allows logging in from Nextcloud to XWikI.

I’d like to contribute this work in two xwiki-contrib repositories:

  • application-nextcloud (for the XWiki application, which is currently a XAR extension)
  • nextcloud-integration_xwiki (which is the Nextcloud application that integrates XWiki into Nextcloud)

For the naming, if you have a better one, don’t hesitate to suggest. Many Nextcloud applications that integrate other services into Nextcloud developed by nextcloud are hosted at (see Nextcloud · GitHub), and application-xxx seems like a common scheme for XWiki extensions, including integrations.

Can someone create these two repositories for me please?

Hi @rjakse

Thanks. Sounds cool.

Is it an app? Isn’t it an authenticator?

Wouldn’t that better be located in the nextcloud repo at

Is it an app? Isn’t it an authenticator?

I’m not sure it is an authenticator per se, it uses the existing oidc authenticator at GitHub - xwiki-contrib/oidc: Make XWiki an identity provider that can be reused by any application and creates tokens using it.

It’s currently used only to provide authentication on XWiki to users from a Nextcloud instance, but further integration will probably be added to this extension in the future.

Wouldn’t that better be located in the nextcloud repo at

Probably. I asked the Nextcloud team their opinion on this.

@vmassol after discussion with the involved people and with the Nextcloud team, we are indeed placing the Nextcloud app repository in the Nextcloud GitHub org.

We’d still like to contribute the XWiki extension to xwiki-contrib if the community is happy to receive it.


Definitely. I’ll handle it now (after I understand what type of project is is, see below)

What does it contain in term of files? java files? wiki pages? both?


Only wiki pages (with a groovy script component).

hmm ok. That’s definitely not a best practice :wink: It should be java code normally. It also requires PR and thus anyone installing it without PR (admins don’t necessarily have PR) will see the extension fail.

This rule was not written in our best practices. It’s now done, see Application Development Best Practices - XWiki

Ok I’ll create application-nextcloud for now.


Thanks for the information. I didn’t know this. It’s not set in stone, We can change this, and I will when I get the time to do it.



Make sure to follow ( file, etc).

Also you’ll need to copy the .gitignore file from xwiki-commons (for example).


Thank you for everything.