Creating a Searchpage that searches only specific Areas of the Wiki


I tried to create a search-page that only searches a specified area in the wiki.
I succeeded with documents that have only non-special characters in their page names but can’t get it to work on documents with special characters in their names.

It works if I am using 'filterQuery': ['space_prefix: PageA.PageB.PageC'], but not if I want to use 'filterQuery': ['space_prefix: Page A.Page (B).Page (C)'], .

I’ve tried using Page%20A.Page%20%28B%29.Page%20%28C%29 and other combinations but I just can’t get it to work.

What kind of encoding or path reference do I have to use, to make it work with documents that includes spaces and special chars?

(I am using the copied code from the default SolrSearchConfig with my addition under the 'filterQuery' )

Solution if anyone encounters this problem: escape character \ for SOLR search queries needed to be included for special chars and spaces.

So my above example would be:
'filterQuery': ['space_prefix: Page\ A.Page\ \(B\).Page\ \(C\)'],