Creating new App with Multiple Content Fields [RESOLVED]

I’ve tested creating a new App with Title + Two Content fields.
When editing the two fields show, but when displaying the first content field is shown twice.
I ensured all fields names were set so no naming conflicts but no luck.

Is this a limitation or a bug ?

The reason I need two content fields is to have one as a Preview for the Presentation Table. Alternatively if I could filter the Main Content for an specific part of the document with Velocity that could work too. However I could only find how to render the entire page.

See . The Title and Content fields are mapped to the page title and content which have a single value. You should use the Text Area field which behaves the same as the Content field but its value is saved in an object attached to the page instead of the page content.

Great that works perfectly. Thank you very much.

Sorry for reusing this thread.
Can we have a hint on “reserved” variables on the wiki editor and maybe the class editor? That may prevent people (like me) from reusing variables that have already a meaning?
What do you think?