Creating of User

I have a custom authenticator (class extending in Xwiki 13.9. In this class I create new users in the same way as in

XWikiDocument userDoc = new XWikiDocument(new DocumentReference(context.getWikiId(), “XWiki”, susername));
BaseObject userObj = userDoc.newXObject(new LocalDocumentReference(“XWiki”, “XWikiUsers”), context);
userObj.setStringValue(“password”, passHash);
userObj.setStringValue(“first_name”, firstname);
userObj.setStringValue(“last_name”, lastName);
userObj.setStringValue(“email”, email);
context.getWiki().saveDocument(userDoc, context);

When I go to Global Administration: Users - I can see them as enabled and they are really working, I can log with them.
But when I go to User Index I can see only users created manually in Xwiki. There is also an option to customize view, when I enter it and uncheck hide disabled user profiles suddenly I can see them. But there is strikethrough style as they look like disabled.
Why this inconsistency happens (in one page they look active, in other disabled)?

When I disabled user headerTest1 on page Global Administration: Users and then enabled it again, suddenly I could see him also on the page User Index. So it seems that just sth “got refreshed”.

Global Administration Users
User Index