Custom fields for my pages

I’d like to set custom field for each my page, for example “myField”. This field can have different values. For example: “A”, “B”, “C”.

In other page, I’d like to create 3 section, one for each value.

Is it possible with xWiki? Are there any extensions to install? Or I need to implement my custom extension?


Trying to understand between the lines. Here’s what I’d do:

  • Create an XClass with an xproperty “myFiedl”
  • Add an XObject of that XClass to 3 pages, with different values
  • On the other page, use the {{velocity}} macro and script to retrieve the value of “myField”.

More generally, see (make sure to check the FAQ tutorial too).

See also

Definitely :slight_smile:

Thanks @vmassol for your fast reply. I’m new user of xwiki. I need to learn XClass/XObject concepts before to implement this scenario. Thankyou very much for your support.