Customizable article export based on custom templates

XWIKI is very good as a collaborative documentation environment, it is more flexible and feature rich than Atlassian Confluence. But for a full replacement for Confluence, a very important functionality is still missing – customizable export by templates to PDF and DOCX / ODT formats.

This feature is very important for documentation, because it allows you to automatically generate stylized documents from wiki articles. This is very important, as it allows the technical writing team to concentrate on the documents and not waste time on designing the appearance of documents for the customer.

There are great add-ons for Confluence:

This extensions allow you to fully customize the conversion of wiki articles from Confluence to DOCX and PDF formats.

The Scroll Word Exporter extension allows you to load templates with styles created in MS Word and use them when converting to fully control the style of documents. It works amazing!

In addition, there is an additional Scroll Exporter extension that allows you to flexibly customize the export for article fragments. And it’s very helpful!

If XWIKI has functionality like the Scroll Word/PDF Exporter, it will be a super feature for documentation and will allow many companies to completely transfer documentation from Confluence to the wonderful XWIKI!

Is there any hope that this is feasible for XWIKI?

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there is actually existing solutions to customize the PDF exports, see: and

Hope it helps.