Customizing WYSIWYG toolbar options

We’re thinking about how we can build in / support accessibility on our wiki and are wondering how to go about editing some of the WYSIWYG toolbar options?

For example:

  • Remove the Heading 1 option from the Paragraph format menu (reserving H1 for page titles, panels, etc.)
  • Require an alternative text description when uploading an image


The WYSIWYG editor is implemented using CKEditor 4, so you should check . Besides the configuration options that are exposed directly in the administration section, you can use the “Advanced Configuration” text area to do any CKEditor configuration you need. See Class Config (CKEDITOR.config) | CKEditor 4 API docs .

Also, before customizing the CKEditor you should read .

Hope this helps,

Hi Marius,

Thank you so much for these suggestions - I will give them a try :blush: