Dashboard not working (blank page)

Hi all
My dashboard stop working after migrating from version 10.11.9 and now only shows a blank page. I thought that it could be a migration problem (going straight to version 15) and tested with versions 10.11.11, 11.10.13 and 12.10.11, and all versions had the dashboard broken when migrating from our installation (version 10.11.9). The strange is that there’s no errors in the log (at least that we could find - podman logs xwiki ). During the update we inclusive discarded all merges for the Standard Theme Extension.

The main difference was that we moved from a standard tomcat installation to container. I even tried to keep the same version for the container, but it still breaks the dashboard. Is there a way to reset it? I already checked any changes in the dashboard extension, but there’s none. In a brand new installation (no data migrated) the dashboard works fine.

Has anyone faced any similar problem?


Could you post here a screenshot of your dashboard? Have you also checked the browser console for errors?

That’s the problem… there’s no content at all. If you want I can post a screenshot of a total blank page. The console or the logs also don’t show any possible problem.

The only information I can see is inside the access_log : - - [22/Feb/2023:21:39:35 +0000] “GET /xwiki/bin/view/Dashboard/ HTTP/1.1” 200 -

Any idea would be appreciated…

In this case, I suggest you to look at the document history for any change. There is a velocity variable displayDashboard and the dashboard macro is called when that variable is set to true. Also, the displayed content is related to the gadget object/s which need to be present in the document.
If you edit the page, are you allowed to see the UI to add new gadgets and columns?

Hope it helps!

There is no changes in the document history. During the migration, I opted to overwrite and use the version of the extension been installed (15.0). For some reason, the dashboard page seems to not exist at all. I can’t see anything in the page and if I try to access the edit or admin directly (http://localhost/xwiki/admin/Dashboard/WebPreferences or http://localhost/xwiki/edit/Dashboard/WebHome) I get a “DocumentDoesNotExist” page.

Is there a way to reinstall the Dashboard extension? If I try to uninstall, it asks to uninstall the Standard Theme as well, since it’s a dependency.

The Dashboard.WebHome document is part of the Dashboard Application. You can check if the application is installed/valid accessing the Administration → Extensions

It is installed and I even found a way to reapply the update, but still, nothing changed.
Screenshot from 2023-02-23 15-34-45

If the Dashboard.WebHome page does not exist at all, you may want to check as well the other pages in the application xwiki-platform/xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-dashboard/xwiki-platform-dashboard-ui/src/main/resources at master · xwiki/xwiki-platform · GitHub.
One option to get back the documents is to download the same XWiki version and export the missing pages as XAR and import them in you instance.

I’m running it using containers. The strange is that it doesn’t work in the version that had the data migrated from 10.11.9. I have a second instance using the same container image (15-postgres-tomcat) and this one display the dashboard. Besides the data, no other configuration was migrated. xwiki.cfg and xwiki.properties are the original versions. I already checked the xar, xed and jar from both instances and they are the same.

I’m trying to look now at the dependencies, if any of them could be causing this issue

What’s also strange is that, after the migration for another instance (different client but same version), their dashboard works fine.