Dashboard serious problem. I'm despaired

Hi everyone.
This is my first touch with xwiki, everything works ok except Dashboard :frowning:
I don’t have it in Application Index. In Application Index I have only Panels. Also on Create Page I have only Blank Page. I don’t have Dashboard options also in User Profile (I have proper user profile extension). When I first enter http://mysite/xwiki/bin/view/Dashboard/ there was no page. I created it and added {{dashboard}} in content, ability to add widgets and columns appears,but when I add some there is no widget and there is normal page again. When I click Add column there is nothing happening. I have 9.7 version on Debian 8.8, I have installed extensions : Administration Application, Dashboard Macro is provided. I really don’t know what to do :confused: Please help.

I have XWiki 9.7 and the Dashboard works fine.

I have installed extensions : Administration Application

Did you install the default set of wiki page through the Distribution Wizard? Something went wrong during the installation. Either you missed some step or there’s a bug somewhere. I suggest you try to install XWiki 9.7 again. Make sure you install the Standard Flavor from the Distribution Wizard.

Hope this helps,

You have absolutely right. Installation made someone else and I didn’t know there were option to install it or leave xwiki empty. I installed Standard Flavor and know is ok. Thx very much.