Database Schema outdated

Hi team, @tmortagne!
I try to learn database schema, but it seems to be some outdated (page date is 2018/12/17). I checked contents of xwikidbversion table - on 11.10.2 it 1138000. Does database schema got any changes from that time? May I ask you to update mentioned page?
Thank you!

The database version is not only related to the schema actually, any migration required will increment this version (to remember it’s not needed anymore) but this migration might be modifying very different things (some value in a document, the structure of the filesystem storage, etc.).

That being said I noticed some minor changes to this schema but they are very minor in term of understanding (mostly stuff like “VARCAR(2000)” becoming “LONGTEXT”). Anyway thanks for the reminder, currently updating it.

Yes we’ve hijacked the original meaning (not great) :slight_smile:

Not sure why we don’t use the XWiki version for these migrations that are not related to the DB. The alternative would be to have a migration (:)) that changes the DB table so that we don’t call it “DB version” anymore but more something like “System version”. But then what’s the difference with the “XWiki version”? :slight_smile:

Thank you, Thomas!