Database search results instead of Solr


Since upgrading XWiki 7.4.2 to version 14.0, the search page shows me the results of the database instead of Solr. However, Solr is well configured as the search engine to use.

I should point out that the search suggestions are indeed provided by Solr. When I validate my search, the information on the result page is not the same as the suggestions and the title of the page says “Search in the database:”.

Other info: in my wiki tree, I see the page “Solr Search”. If I do a search with this page, I get the same results as in the suggestions. This shows that the suggestions are provided by Solr, but the results page shows a database search.

In the online configuration, I tried to set the search to “Database”, then back to “Solr” without success.

Do you have any idea what the problem is and how to solve it?

Thank you!

It’s possible you customized the search page a long time ago and that customization was kept during the upgrade, which leaded to this page not taking into account the configuration properly.

You could check if the search page is standard or not and if not revert it to its standard version, for this can access the history of the page where you can compare the current version to the standard one: https://mydomain/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Search?viewer=history

In general, after such a big jump in can be interesting to check all the differences between the standard flavor and what you currently have in your database (which are generally caused by customizations, but they can also be old bugs which are now seen as customizations and kept as such) and revert what is not accurate anymore (definitely not everything since you will also find a lot of configuration in it which you obviously want to keep). For this, you can go to the installed extension in the admin interface, search for the XWiki Standard Flavor and use Compute changes.

Thank you for your answer tmortagne.

Before restoring the only old version of the search page, I tested this one and the result is the same. In fact, as soon as I open the page, even before doing a search, its title says “Search in the database:”. I have the impression that this page is dedicated to database search.

Following this test, I noticed that the address of this page is not the same as the one you provide. So I compared the addresses of the different search pages found in my wiki:

Could the problem be that the search page was moved incorrectly?

Unless it’s just the default search page not pointing to the right address?

How can I get the right page back?

This is not the default search page in current versions of XWiki. The default search page is the one I indicated: https://mydomain/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Search (which take into account the configuration).

This is the old location of what is now https://mydomain/bin/view/Main/DatabaseSearch (i.e. the database search page).

Not sure this page ever existed in XWiki standard, it definitely does not exist anymore.

I would really suggest to Compute changes on the whole flavor, if there is anything non-standard it will find it (including missing pages) and you can restore each one.

I took your advice and checked the changes. In the list, there were two that were related to the search pages. I reset them and everything is back to normal.

Thank you very much for your advice!

Glad you found the source of the problem.