Debian 12 with jetty an proxy settings


i have Debian 12 server and install xwiki with jetty (without docker). The problem is that i use proxy as it is global set up: in /etc/environments and profile file also. For apt it is set up and it works and all http/https connections.

Only the connections to *xwiki connections do not use global proxy settings wenn i try to make the initial install in web. All my tryings to set it up also failed. I tried apache proxy settings and also with java variables (like here: XWiki on Docker behind Proxy ignores JAVA_OPTS - #2 by jwielsch) - all failed i have the error

2024-03-22 14:17:27,514 [extension.index job group daemon thread - org.xwiki.extension.index.internal.job.ExtensionIndexJob@4fab454([extension, index])] WARN o.x.e.i.i.j.ExtensionIndexJob - Failed to get remote extension from repository []: ConnectException: Die Wartezeit für die Verbindung ist abgelaufen

→ the connection timed out.

I woul be thankful for any tip how to make the connections with all *xwiki links with the proxy.


it looks that your jetty server doesn´t use your proxy configuration. Have you tried to set the proxy server “by hand” to get it work for testing purpose? You can modify /lib/systemd/system/xwiki.service start command or to modify the jetty options in /usr/lib/xwiki-jetty/ (if you need more flexibility).