Debian 9 - xwiki missing tomcat 9

I have problem installing xwiki on debian 9/10 distro. There is still no tomcat 9 support/packages?
How to solve this ? Also your manual only points to tomcat 8.

Hi @matiejken

the support of tomcat 9 package for XWiki in Debian is done as part of the XWiki 11.6 release, which should be performed tomorrow: see Loading...

Concerning the documentation, we indeed need to upgrade it, but don’t hesitate to improve it if you like.

That’s because tomcat 9 support hasn’t been released yet.

Super! I cant wait!

Note that in case someone want to use an older version of XWiki with Tomcat 9 (or any other non supported application server) it’s possible to install xwiki-common and xwiki-mysql-common (or xwiki-pgsql-common) and take care of the link to tomcat 9 by hand.

Now, situation looks like this:

apt-get install xwiki-tomcat9-mysql
-.> The following packages have unmet dependencies:
xwiki-tomcat9-mysql : Depends: xwiki-tomcat9-common (= 11.6) but it is not going to be installed

apt-get install xwiki-tomcat9-common
-> The following packages have unmet dependencies:
xwiki-tomcat9-common : Depends: tomcat8 but it is not installable

Indeed there seems to be a mistake in xwiki-tomcat9-common package dependencies. Will release a new build of the Debian package shortly.

11.6+1 packages are now available

It seems that everything is ok now - installed almost flawlessly. At the end of web installing process i had a lot of out of memory messages → “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space.” (restarting tomcat helped out). Im not programmer but i assume its not related to xwiki at all, but java general memory consumption. So…it killed my modest testing-purpose vps machine (with 1 GB RAM) and 70% ram usage.

You should take a look at