Debug failing XAR file import

Hello Guys,

I exported a xar file from one wiki and am now trying to import it to a different one. They are both on the latest version. Yet I get an import error upon loading the file. It is 1.8MB big, so it should not be a size issue. Is there any way to get more debug information?

It’s not very clear to me if you get the error when you upload the file, when you click on it in the list after upload or when you actually import ?

It’s already upon uploading the file, actually it uploads fine to 100% and then it says “Error upon uploading the file”

OK so it fail to attach this file and not really to import it even if 1.8MB sounds small enough indeed.

Are you able to attach it to another page ? What version of XWiki is this ? Anything customization in xwiki.cfg regarding storage configuration ?

It also doesn’t upload inside the wiki it was created from. I only tried uploading in the admin area. I performed no storage customizations.

Maybe you have very restrictive max upload sizes on your application server? Which type of xwiki do you use (Debian Vs. War Vs. Docker)?

If you have one check the reverse proxies also.