Delete several pages in one action with the UI?

I want to delete a collection of pages from the wiki document list livetable,
is it possible, how ? There is no checkbox to select multiple pages and perform an action like delete on them.
I could not find the answer in the doc or in this forum.
Thanks a lot

Hi, this doesn’t exist yet, see Loading...

ATM you’ll need to write a small script to delete a lot of pages at once.

Hi, thanks a lot for this quick reply, this will be a useful feature:-)

It seems quite easy to write a request that returns a list of pages to delete,
e.g by looking at the example requests here Sample Queries for XWQL (XWQL.WebHome) - XWiki
but how do I pass the list of found documents to a delete instruction, and if possible how can I display the document title and date for example - and ask the user confirmation before deletion?

yes it’s easy but your link is from a user’s wiki on which is hardly reference documentation :slight_smile:

Instead, you should check:

Great, thanks for the links, I will check this out :slightly_smiling_face: