Deleted pages still shown in the nav menu

In the nav menu, some pages are listed, while they are deleted pages.
These pages are the “ghosts” of renamed pages where the initial underscore where replaced by blank characters.
Impossible to get rid of them: by the list-of-documents menu, by replacing /view/ by /delete/ in the url, by re-creating a page and re-deleting it…
Is there a way to correct that?

Illustration: “Modélisation_physique” on the menu (as well as “Gestion_des_crues”), but the page is deleted (definitely flushed out from trash bin).


The “Modélisation_physique” page may be deleted but it still has child pages as can be seen in your screenshot (“Administration de la page”). And that’s the reason why the navigation tree still shows this node: to allow you to access the remaining child pages, that were not deleted along with their parent.

Are you sure you deleted / renamed the page along with its child pages? It may also be the case that the user that deleted / renamed the page didn’t have enough access right for the “Administration de la page” child page. Asking an administrator to delete this page should do it.

Thank you for your answer. You’re definitly wright, this is linked with the sub-objects of these “ghost” pages.
How can I delete the sub admin page “Administration de la page” (WebPreferences)? There is no delete button in this page, and it is not listed in the page index (Main/AllDocs) section…
I have admin rights; I think something went wrong during the renaming process (option for sub-objects was checked).

Try to replace “/admin/” with “/delete/” in the URL.

Now that’s interesting because it means we’re missing a UI for it. Would warrant a jira issue (if there isn’t one that exist already).

@PBa feel free to create an issue for it in


The trick works: the sub-page WebPreferences is deleted (no more sub-page in the treeview). But the page itself, while deleted with no sub-objects still shows off in the treeview menu…
Is it possible to rebuild the page dependancies (or equivalent) to refresh the treeview? Or maybe call :ghost: Busters?


Can you enable hidden pages for your user, see

This is to check if there are hidden pages underneath it.


Sure, I think this is already done:

On the “ghost” pages, I can see no sub-pages, no more WebPreferences, no object, no classe, no form…

Sure! Don’t know if it’s at the right place, but it is:

Then it looks like you have . The workaround seems to be to

  • rename the other page (without underscore) or move it to a different place or delete it (in recycle bin)
  • re-create and delete the page with the underscore
  • restore the page without the underscore.

Well done, this is exactly the right diagnosis and the right solution. Thanks a lot for your kind help, both of you.