Deleting attachment issues


Using xWiki 14.10.3, I’m unable to delete attachments using the UI with an error message "Unable to delete attachment : " (Impossible de supprimer le fichier joint : ) in any pages. I believe it has already been posted here : Cant delete attachments
This isn’t actually too much of an issue since I can just delete the attachement from the pages, but it still appears here.
I haven’t found any logs but am willing to provide some as you need.

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Hello @Marius,

Did you also check client side logs (i.e., you browser’s debug console)?

Out of curiosity, did you try to clean you browser’s cache? If this fixes the issue, let us know as it shouldn’t be required but it happen to be the case from time to time.


Hi, thanks for your answer.

I’m mainly using Firefox 108.0.2. I tried clear the cache, private browsing, using Chrome, trying from another computer, and it acts the same.
I do have something on the client side :

Made me think, it might be coming from my network configuration: I’m using xwiki-postgres-tomcat with default configuration (HTTP), and have set up HTTPS through my reverse proxy. Maybe it does create unexpected behaviours ?

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Can you screenshot the response headers as well as the response tab please?

But indeed if you have http/https inconsistencies that could explain (and you’ll likely hit the same issue on several other places too).

We don’t look to have any response to this request.

It indeed could explain. I’ll try to implement HTTPS to my tomcat configuration and will update this topic once it’s done.

Thanks for your indications,

Hey ! Giving some news after updating to HTTPS. It is indeed working as expected.
Much thanks for your indications,

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